Terms & Conditions


  • Training program is designed to develop and improve technical skill sets of candidates as per industry requirement. The curriculum is modified at regular intervals as per the sector scenario/ industry requirement.
  • Synergem reserves the right to change cancel and modify any and of terms and conditions from time to time without assigning any reason or providing any intimation of notice

Field Training & Internships

  • Field training is the practical training provided at the project site (depending upon program type). Internships are on the field training provided in the industry. Duration of internships vary from 2-6 months as per the program selected and company criteria and permisison. Internships are subjected to the provisions/ permissions of the associated companies hence may not be mandatorily provided. Stipend during the internship is solely dependent upon the company policies. Though generally stipend is provided during internships, it is not necessary that stipend shall be mandatorily paid.

Placement Procedure *As per the company policy and secelction criteria

  • Placement procedure normally includes, written test (aptitude/ technical) followed by interview as per company policy and selection criteria
  • Though placement opportunities are be provided by the institute, the placement guarantee is not provided as placement opportunities depends upon the company requirement, sector condition etc which dictates the placement opportunities. The placement opportunities hence varies depending upon the external factors not in control if the Institute
  • Incase of multiple placement opportunity: Institute shall provide multiple placement opportunities to already placed candidates only after ensuring placement opportunities are offered to all all the enrolled/ eligible candidates.
  • Advance placement: Advance placement (Recruitment before the completion of course tenure) opportunity shall also be provided
  • By all means institute tries for successful placement and joining of the eligible candidates, but the placement for each and every candidate is not possible. Individual candidate is also responsible for his own placement.
  • The placement opportunities/ joining provided by the institute are subjected to external factors like company growth, company projects, expansion, unpredicted exigencies, market scenario etc which may lead to delay in placement/ joining. In no case the institute shall be held responsible for delay in joining
  • Course Fee Refund/ Reimbursement

    • If the institute is not able to provide even a single placement opportunity, then the institute shall reimburse part of course fee (after deducting all expenses incurred during the training) to the eligible candidates who satisfy the following conditions.
    • Institute shall not be liable to reimburse any part of course fee in case of the following:
      • Student cancels the admission during/ before the course commencement on his own personal accord/ medical reasons or doesnt furnish complete course fee
      • Student backs out after getting selected in the company on accord of his personal/ medical reason
      • Any forge documents/ information submitted by the student
      • Student doesn’t qualify for placement criteria of the visiting company
      • Student doesn’t convert the placement opportunities provided


    • All ther terms and conditions are subjected to Indian Law and Disputes, if any, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Nagpur City Courts.


    • I agree with the above said terms & conditions for the training program and would like to go ahead with the admission process.