Faculty having vast experience in Generation, Transmission and Distribution delivers lectures at Synergem. Industry professionals having diverse background provides insight on various work profiles of industry.



Name of the Faculty member

Mr. Manohar Tatwawadi
36 years of work Experience in Energy Sector in the areas like power Plant Management, Operation, Performance Management, Contractual/Commercial Communication, Training, Leadership &Team Building Skills.
Power Plant Operation, Maintenance, Performance Management & Power Plant Simulator Training.

Mr. Anil Kumar Palamwar
Retd. Director Operations from MSEDCL. Specialization in coordination with Energy Department of Maharashtra and MERC, Setting up and running power plants, establishing generation training centers, energy management, managing load dispatch and regulatory affairs
Electrical System, Boiler, Power Plant Operation

Mr. V S Lothe
BE – VRCE University Rank Holder, M Tech IIT Mumbai. Retd. Director NPTI (2009). 18 Years LPP O&M
Electrical System, Generator

Mr. S J Dubey
37 Years Thermal Power Station O&M – Generation. Retd. Exe.Engr. Chandrapur STPS
Power Plant Familiarization, Constructional features, Power Plant Operation & Maintenance.

Mr. Gulshan Sachdev
BE NPTI, Energy Manager, Specialization in Business Development
Power Plant Familiarization, Energy Management

Mr. Vinay T Bapat
Former Director (Projects) Mahagenco. Technical Advisor to Managing Director
Electrical System.

Mr. V G Kapse
35 Years of Exp in Turbine Maintenance
Turbine O&M, Overhauling, Valves

Mr. Y K Pandri Pande
30 Years Utility (MSEB)
Power System Protection, (Transformer, Generator, Transmission Line, Dist. Feeder, Motor, Inst Transformers)

Mr. Vijay Adhau
25 Years Utility (MSEB)
Mechanical Maintenance, Performance Optimization, Energy Efficiency, RCM

Mr. Sharad K Deo
28 Years Utility (MSEB)
Boiler O&M, Erection, Commissioning, Protection, Control

Mr. P DMarathe
31 Years Utility (MSEB)
Power Plant Chemistry, WTP

Mr. P Deshmuk
25 Years Utility (MSEB)
Boiler Operation, Turbine Operation

Mr. D K Dixit
BE, M-tech, PhD IIT Mumbai
Performance Optimization, Boiler Turbine Generator Efficiency, Simulator Training

Mr. Aashish Sagar
BE (Delhi University), MBA (IIM Indore)
Campus to Corporate

Mr. Ram Muley
38 years of Experience
Steam Turbine Maintenance

Mr. Uday Thakre
25 Years Utility (MSEB)
Turbine Construction, Operation and Maintenance