Life Transformation Program


“A life changing experience – Wake up – Life is Awesome!”
Nidhi Jha (Entrepreneur)


“Truly Inspiring and enlightening”
Aakash K (Owner – Food and Hospitality)


“One of the best TTT programs i have ever attended…”
Ketan Shamra

“Excellent and mind blowing”
P Navita (Student)

“It was really a fantastic experience, indeed Life is Awesome!”
Priya Singh – (CA)

“Business management program helped me a lot with brand development and networking”
Amit Bhatiya – Business Owner

“The best train the trainers program i have ever attended”
Vipin Sharma (Sr. Faculty – Free Lancer)

“I highly recommend Life Transformation program to everyone to live a fulfilling life”
Sonal Virdi (Architect & Interior Designer)

“I am now very confident to shape my alternative career – thank you!”
Abhishek Sahani (Engineering Student)

“Inspirational and feeling motivated to live life king size…!!”
Dr. Nirav Patel (MD – Orthopedic)

Are you unhappy even though you are affluent and wealthy? Are you under tension, frustration and stress most of the times? Do you feel your lifestyle is affecting your health and needs improvement? Even after attaining everything in life, do you still feel directionless, de-motivated and aimless? If you feel the same then it’s time you give priority to your own life, its better late than never!

Problem isn’t that we don’t know that we should; the problem is that even though we know we still don’t act to live a healthy & prosperous life. Not unless the physical body gives up to negativity, stress and tension and develops permanent illness and anomalies. But then it’s too late, isn’t it?

Program Cost
Early Bird Price
Life Transformation Program
22nd Nov 2015
Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
Chitnavis Centre, Civil Lines – 440001
5500 /- INR
3500 /- INR
Life Transformation Program
20th Dec 2015
Pune, Maharashtra, India
5500 /- INR
3500 /- INR
Life Transformation Program
17th Jan 2016
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
5500 /- INR
3500 /- INR
Why should you attend?
Life Transformation Program is a complete 360 Deg program designed to bring health, peace and awareness in life. It’s a one day life changing program with 8-10 hrs of intensive training with well designed exercises which can be practiced daily. Enroll today and start living a successful life Now!
What will you gain?
Aren’t you supposed to live with aspiration, love, joy, energy, and peace; free from stress, tension, anger, frustration? Don’t you deserve a state of healthy living? The essence of human life lies in three fundamentals dimensions – The Human Body, Mind and Soul. Their alignment allows universal energy to flow through us which brings health, peace and love. Ignorance leads to actions which create obstruction in this flow leading to imbalance. Life Transformation Program aligns these dimensions through awareness and practical exercises. This program is for your health, your peace and most importantly your journey called life. It’s too important to ignore, act today!
Who should attend?
It is for the seekers and is ideal for people who are curious to learn the essence of living a balanced life, who are willing to put an effort to change their life for good, who aspire living with peace, love, health and motivation. This program will also greatly benefit anyone who is responsible for managing or developing others, from business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, human resources specialists to parents.
You will discover:
  • Presuppositions of Life
  • Understanding Human Behavior
  • Awareness and clarity
  • Peace of mind
  • High levels of energy
  • Reduce health risks
  • Building healthy relationships & bonding
  • People management skills
  • Simple but powerful meditation techniques
  • Redemption of negativity, stress, tension
  • High level of self belief
  • Taping the source of happiness in life
Program fee:
INR 5500/- (early bird price 3500/- for registrations on or before 7 days from course commencement). There are limited seats, early booking is advised.