Post Graduate Program In Thermal Power Plant Operation

About the Program :

The program is a self study based distance learning program and is aimed to impart overall knowledge in thermal power plant operation. The program is ideal for professionals seeking specialized certification in thermal power plant operation.

Professionals from various companies like Adani Power, GMR Energy, Thermax Ltd, Bhushan Steel, KSK Energy, KVK Energy, L&T Power have undergone this program. Also international candidates from countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Kenya have joined this program.

Program mostly covers the training content stated under training & development policy (Indian Electricity Rules, 1981) and aims to improve technical proficiency in thermal power plant operation. The program covers all important topics in thermal power operation like Power Plant Fundamentals, Boiler & Auxiliaries, Steam Turbine & Auxiliaries, Generator & Auxiliaries, Coal handling Plant, Ash Handling Plant, Instrumentation & Control, Power Plant Chemistry, Boiler Operation, Turbine Operation, Boiler Interlocks & Protection, Turbine Interlocks and Protection, Coal Handling Plant Operation, Ash Handling Plant Operation, Water Treatment Plant Operation, Switchyard Operation.

Course Fees


Program covers training content over Steam Turbine, Boiler, Electric Generator and its associated auxiliaries as stated under training & development policy (Indian Electricity Rules, 1981).  Course covers all aspects of thermal power plant generation of a large capacity thermal power plant. Program is very helpful for professionals who are relatively new to large capacity thermal power plants. It is also very beneficial for professionals working in managerial profiles like project management, procurement and designing who wish to build technical concepts of thermal power plants. Professionals working in captive thermal power plants/ combined cycle power plants can also join this course and learn all aspects of large capacity thermal power plant. Hard copy of notes and material is provided. Exams are conducted online. Participants can interact with other alumni members and community members over discussion. Study Papers are submitted online under case study.

Who Can Apply?

  • Professionals working in Energy Sector: Ideal for.

    b. Professionals who are new to thermal power plant operation

    c. Professionals who haven’t undergone any specialized training in thermal power plant operation

Highlights of Program

  • Designed in line to the syllabus on Thermal Power Plant Operation as stated in Training & Development Policy (Under Indian Electricity Rules 1981)
  • Builds overall technical proficiency in Thermal Power Plant Operation
  • Audio Video Lecture Series
  • Online Examination.

Procedure for Admission:

  • Online registration followed by online payment

Eligibility & Selection:

  • B.E from a recognized technical board with relevant work experience.
  • Diploma from a recognized technical board with relevant work experience.
  • Admission is offered on basis of work experience.

Course Commencement Date:

  • Monthly


  • The objective of the program is to impart formal training to those who were not able to undergo a professional training in thermal power plant engineering or those who intend to develop their technical competency in thermal engineering. Though the institute provides placement assistance, the placement guarantee is not assured.

Course Duration:

  • One year – Two semesters of six month each. Course material is sent via speed post. Exams are taken online (subject wise).


Duration (Months)
Subject 1
Subject 2
Subject 3
Subject 4
Subject 5
Subject 6
First Semester
Power Plant Familiarization
Boiler and its Auxiliaries
Turbine and its Auxiliaries
Generator and its Auxiliaries *AV Series
Power Plant Control & Instrumentation *AV Series
Power Plant Chemistry *AV Series
Second Semester (Online Notes)
Coal Handling Plant *AV Series
Ash Handling Plant *AV Series
Boiler Operation
Turbine Operation
Balance of Plant Operation
Interlocks & Protection