Mission of Synergem is to be a unique and world class “Training Centre of Excellence” in the area of skill development to meet India’s extensive demand of Competent & Trained Human Resource in Energy, Retail, Automobile, Infrastructure, Education and Service Sector.


  • To train and educate, at certificate, graduates and undergraduates to outstanding quality who may become leaders in the Energy Sector.
  • To carry out advanced research and development, which can be useful to the society over comparatively on a long term basis.
  • To develop and promote national and international linkages through partnership in research, student exchange, induction of adjunct faculty, credit transfer and joint degrees.
  • To work for the training and development of human resource so as to ensure future availability of highly compatible manpower.
  • “We are committed to transform fresh candidates to fully trained skilled professionals through various training programs so as to cater the present as well as future needs of trained work force of our country”